board 2019 group picture
Our current board

1st Chairman

board 2019 Michael Leibinger

Michael Leibinger, born in 1954, married, four daughters, brewery engineer by profession, owner of “Henry’s Coffee World”.
M. Leibinger is just a home musician, but a passionate oarsman. So he has sufficient power to push the ship “junge bläserphilharmonie ulm” forward.

His motivation for the work on the board:
I listened to the 1992 annual concert, was enthused and decided, these young people were worth my commitment.

2nd Chairman

Michael Bösl, born in 1947, single, bank clerk by profession, meanwhile retired.
At the age of 14, M. Bösl was a flute player in the orchestra when UKM was founded, so he was among the first orchestra musicians. Now as a ‘senior’ on the borad he is still open to all innovations.

His motivation for the work on the board:
Committing oneself to “junge bläserphilharmonie ulm” means being on the track of happiness.

3rd Chairman

board 2019 Hans Uli Thierer

Hans-Uli Thierer, born in 1956, divorced, two daughters, one son, journalist.
HUT does not have an active musical past, but is a great lover of music from the Beatles to Beethoven.

His motivation for the work on the board:
As I cannot avoid growing old, I want to stay young at heart at least.